Research Laboratory of Aerodynamic Phenomenon Detection

 | Post date: 2020/02/4 | 
Supervisor : Kamyar Mansour

Phone: +98(21)64543216
Location: 1st floor, AE Department.

Detection Laboratory of Amirkabir University, equipped with a low-speed wind tunnel is capable of detecting flow’s aerodynamic phenomenon in different models. These models include different types of flying vehicles and equipment and systems place in air flows.
Service number
Is capable of detecting flows aerodynamic phenomenon on different models.
Flow near wall and shearing stress vortexes
Measurement of speed and turbulences in 3 dimensions
Output analog signal and data no loss mechanism on a specific frequency
Speed turbulences measurement up to 56 KHZ frequency
Equipped with temperature probe to record ambient temperature
Offset adjustment, yield and lower passage filter in S-C circuits
Calibration control, measurement and analysis of data and display with software
Square wave creation and optimization of frequency responses
Temperature effects compensation with software
Using different probes for different experiment settings


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