Micro Air Vehicle and Control Systems Laboratory

 | Post date: 2020/02/4 | 
Supervisor : Abolghasem Naghash

Phone: +98(21)64543217
Location: 1st floor, AE Department.

The micro air vehicle team of Amirkabir University of Technology (AUTMAV) has incepted its activity since 2011, this team consists of under- and post- graduate students of Aerospace, Computer and Electrical Engineering and its research fields are as following:
1- Micro air vehicles control scheme
2- Designing and implementation of controllers
3- Micro air vehicles smartization
4- Participatory and interactive control for micro air vehicles
Holding workshops in Iranian Aerospace Society conference in 2014 and 2015, participating in the execution of nationwide Micro Air Vehicles competitions and administering The National Aerospace Competition of Amirkabir University of Technology for four times build the idealistic resume of this laboratory. In addition, this team has annually and persistently taken part in the international IMAV competitions and conferences, and has submitted 7 acknowledged articles in these conference section.
The capabilities of the lab are as follows:
2D and 3D mapping
Aerial photography and filming
Designing and construction of micro air vehicles intended for special missions and crisis management. (Portable ambulance, detection, peripheral data gathering and …)
Being equipped with top notch tools, this laboratory is also operative in the educational field.

Honors and achievements:
2nd rank in IMAV 2011 Indoor (Netherland)
2nd rank in IMAV 2011 Indoor (Netherland)
2nd rank in IMAV 2011 Indoor (Netherland)
5th rank in IMAV 2014 Indoor (Netherland)
Best Performance title in IMAV 2016 Indoor (China)
1st rank in Virtual Challenge section in IMAV 2017 (France)

Projects and activities:
Micro air vehicle control
Development of optimized cooperation protocols for synchronized quadrotor control
Dynamics systems control
Analysis, control and designing of ornithopter aircrafts
Development and implementation of obstacle evasion protocols for micro air vehicles
Synchronized flight of 2 quadrotors for lifting an object
Designing and manufacturing of hybrid vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) and implementation of control algorithm
Implementation of open source control algorithm on quadrotors 
Installation of PAPARAZZI flight board and ground station software
 Implementation of laboratory infrastructure of synchronized flight for micro air vehicles
Designing and implementation of auto pilot on third degree of freedom systems
Implementation of SLAM using LIDAR

Research fields:
• Flight Simulation Development
• Hardware and Software in the Loop (HIL & SIL) with MATLAB
• Microprocessors, mini-PCs and Integrated Systems
• Linux-Based Software Development
• MAV airframe Design and Assembly:
• Multi-rotor
• Fixed wing
• Ducted Fan
• Flapping Systems
• Guidance Schemes for MAV
• Controller Design and Implementation
• SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)
• Vision-Based Navigation
• Map Extraction


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