Turbulence and Two-Phase Flows

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Supervisor: Mehran Tadjfar

Phone: : (+98)2164545634
Location: 1st floor, AE Department.

The main goal of Turbulence and Two-Phased Lab is to reach a deeper and more fundamental understanding of physical events associated with turbulent and two-phased flows. Due to the very convoluted physics of these flows their nature still remains unclear and are yet studied in research facilities around the globe. The main focus of numerical calculations of this lab is on the development of synthetic jets that are used to improve aerodynamic performances.
In addition, the fundamental studies on further understanding of turbulent and boundary-layer flows are carried out through LES simulations. Besides, the experimental branch of the laboratory concentrates on constructing and installing the first two-phase wind tunnel in the country, studying different occurrences such as breakage of jet, injection, ?????, jet collision and etc.

Laboratory facilities:

- Open loop two-phase wind tunnel (max speed: 45 m/s), test section dimensions: 130*30*30 cms
- Shadowgraph measurement systems.
Flow measurement systems
High-pressure liquid injection systems

Research grounds:
Two-phase flows
Synthetic jets performances

Projects and activities:

Current projects:
1- Experimental analysis on the effects of fluids shearing stress on the deformation of circular, oval and rectangular jets.
2- Experimental analysis on the effects of injector’s diameter on the breakage of fluid jets in gas flows
3- Experimental studies on the effects of the speed of the gas flow on the breakage of fluid jet
4- Analysis on the effects of synthetic jet frequency on the NACA 23 012 airfoil

Projects conducted by students:
Numerical analysis on the effects of positioning of the synthetic jet on the stall point of NACA 0012 airfoil.
Designing and construction of the open circuit two-phase wind tunnel

Ph.D. students:

Ehsan Askari
Saman Najfi

Amin Jaberi

Niloofar Hosseini


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