| Post date: 2020/02/4 | 
 In the Master program, Bachelor graduates continue their education in a major among the six majors of: Aerodynamics, Flight Mechanics and Control, Propulsion, Aerospace Structures, Spatial Engineering and Satellite Technology. In this program the department intends to focus on representing a combination of advanced courses so that, students can reach a fundamental understanding of their professional field, and consequently do scientific and applied researches. In the end specialist engineers, capable of conducting applied researches are presented to the professional community. The provision of sublime research and calculation facilities such as: wind tunnel (made by the department), Laboratory of Composite Material, Hardware In-Loop Laboratory, Turbomachinery Laboratory, gas turbines and super-computers have played a significant role in improving the quality and the credibility of this department’s postgraduate program.
The Ph.D. students of this department, are chosen among the most nobble Master students from all around the nation, with the intention of preparing them for doing scientific researches and to be trained as prospective professors. Until today, a remarkable number of post-graduates of this department have been giving lectures and doing researches in the most prolific domestic and foreign universities.

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