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The department is notably competent in industrial research associated with Aerospace Engineering and different specialties have different capacities and labs.
Aerodynamics Team:
- Conducting various types of tests on the aerodynamics of flying vehicles in different flight regimes
- Estimation and optimization of aerodynamic coefficients and providing the knowledge-based data required for industries
- Flow simulation using in-house codes and commercial packages on super-computing platforms
- Aerodynamic design of flying vehicles
- Design and testing of wind turbines
- Design and building subsonic wind-tunnels with different test-section sizes
- Design and aerodynamic testing of automobiles
Combustion and Propulsion Team:
- Design and construction of advanced HICOT burner
- Design and construction of micro-combustion chambers
- Flow simulation in different combustion chambers
- Designing, constructing and testing compressor’s propeller and turbine
- Designing and building compressor test stand
- Designing and building testbed for micro jet engines
- Simulation and control for compressor’s instabilities
- Comprehensive design of different types of compressors
Aerospace-Structures and Advanced Materials Teams:
- Model tests for dynamic systems
- Designing and testing rotary systems
- Design and construction of the balancing mechanisms for frequencies above 2000 Hz
- Life assessments for buckling and creeping of structures
- Ascertaining mechanical and buckling features of materials 
- Testing, modeling and root cause analysis of composite structures
- Loading specification for aerospace structures
- Designing and analysis of aerospace structures
Flight Mechanics and Control Team:
- Dynamic Analysis and modeling of different flying vehicles (aircrafts, helicopters and multi-rotor systems)
- Designing and building unmanned aerial vehicles
- Conceptual and preliminary design of different flying vehicles
- Designing and building different flight simulators
- Designing satellite launch systems
- Designing group-guidance algorithms
- Designing and testing different hardware-in-the-loop and software-in-the-loop systems
- Designing navigation systems (inertial, visual, satellite, etc.)
- Designing avionic systems


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