Aero Laboratory 2

 | Post date: 2019/11/26 | 

Supervisor:Dr. Mohammad Saeedi

Location: 1st floor, AE Department.

Credits: 1


-          Investigations of the ideal gas state equation by pressure, temperature and specific volume measurements and calculation of gas constant


-          sound speed Measurements of air or other gases at different temperature, and comparison of the experimental data with theoretical methods


-          shock waves visualization of the wedges with different angles, and calculation of the shock power


-          Investigation of the nozzle performance at different pressures and estimation of choking condition


-          pressure distribution measurements along the nozzle axis and comparison to the theoretical method


-          performing the above experimental tests for convergence- divergence nozzle


-          Pressure measurements along the constant diameter tube in order to investigate heating effects on the parameters such as velocity, temperature and …

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