Aero Lab 1

 | Post date: 2019/11/26 | 
Supervisor: Dr.mohammad.saeedi

Location: 1st floor, AE Department.



Credits: 1


-          Introduction into the wind tunnel systems, applications and aerodynamic measurements

 -          Total and static pressure measurements of the wind tunnel test section by pitot tube


-          Flow visualization of the 2D airfoil by smoke generator in order to investigate the initial angle of attack and velocity effects, qualitatively


-          Pressure distribution measurements over the cylinder (cylinder axis normal to the flow) at different wind tunnel velocity, and estimation of separation points


-          Investigation of the roughness effects on drag coefficient of the sphere, cylinder and …


-          Aerodynamic load measurements of the airplane model at subsonic speeds in order to investigate the initial angle of attack, yaw angle, roll angle and aircraft stability


-          Investigation of the flap angle over the Cp distribution of an airfoil


-          Boundary layer investigations of the flat plate by pressure measurements and estimation of the parameters such as displacement thickness, boundary layer profile and …


-          Investigation of the Reynolds Number effects at above experimental test


-          Surface pressure measurements of the airfoil in order to calculate aerodynamic coefficients


-          Hotwire calibration for velocity and turbulent intensity measurements


-          Investigations of the different flap configurations on static stall angle and lift increments

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