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Name: Zhaleh Asheghi

Responsibility:IT Administrator
Phone Number:+98(21)645453228

Name: Maryam Bagheri

Responsibility:Undergraduate Education Expert
Phone Number:+98(21)64545321


Name: Maryam Eatesami

Responsibility:Research Expert
Phone Number:+98(21)64545539


Name: Jamileh Yaghoobi

Responsibility:Graduate Education Expert
Phone Number:+98(21)645453245


Name: Abbas Faraji Mahyari

Responsibility:Wing and Fuselage Workshop Technician
Phone Number:+98(21)64545378



Name: Sorror sadat Hosseini

Responsibility:Aviation Instruments Workshop and Research Expert
Phone Number:

Name: Fahimeh KHadem Mossavi

Responsibility: The office Administrator
Phone Number:+98(21)645453222


Name: Parichehr Tayebi

Responsibility:Graduate Education Expert
Phone Number:


Name: Seyed Yahya Hosseini

Responsibility:Finance Expert
Phone Number:+98(21)64545309


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