Department History

 | Post date: 2019/11/25 | 
The Aerospace Engineering Department at Amirkabir University of Technology was founded in 1987 as the first specialty school in Aerospace Engineering in Iran and the Middle-East. In the same year the department started to admit students for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering.
In 1993, the department introduced its first program for the Master of Science in Aerodynamics followed by 3 other specialties of Flight Dynamics, Propulsion and Aerospace Structures in 1995. This was a significant point in the history of the department for serving both scientific and industrial communities and providing high-level educational services. In 1997 and for the first time in Iran, a number of students were admitted to the PhD program in Aerospace Engineering. So far, the department has been able to have considerable contributions to the national and international scientific communities and significantly increase the specialized human resources majoring in Aerospace Engineering.

The Aerospace Engineering Department intends to maintain and improve its position as the top Aerospace Engineering department in the reign of Middle-East and advance in the following scopes:
- International contribution in conducting cutting-edge research
- Contribution in industrial projects
- Quality education provision
- Providing the required specialized human resources for industries

- Conducting cutting-edge research towards substantial international contribution
- Developing the required human resources for the national industrial needs
- Responding to the industrial demands of the country

Prospective Careers
Ultimately, graduates can start their careers as an engineer, who’s also equipped with general abilities in aerospace, automotive, renewable energies, petroleum, space, telecommunication and nautical industries. They are also capable in working on rotary and combustion equipment, designing industrial controllers and analyzing and designing dynamic systems.


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