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The Aerospace Engineering Department offers the following specialties for graduate students:

Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Flight Mechanics and Control, Aerospace Structures, Spatial Engineering, Satellite Technology in MSc program and Aerospace Engineering in the PhD program.

Name Code Major
Qualify Examination 2929290  Aerodynamics
Educational Post-Graduate Seminar 2929902 aerospace engineer
Advanced Mathematics (I) 2980103 Aerodynamics
Continuum Mechanics (I) 2980113 Aerodynamics
Advanced Numerical Methods 2980123 Aerodynamics
Subsonic Aerodynamics 2981123 Aerodynamics
Supersonic Aerodynamics 2981153 Aerodynamics
Boundary Layer Theory 2981173 Aerodynamics
Computational Fluid Dynamics (I) 2981183 Aerodynamics
Turbulent Flow 2981203 Aerodynamics
(Special Topics (Damage Analysis of Composite Materials 2981213 Aerodynamics
Viscous Flow 2981543 Aerodynamics
Hypersonic Aerodynamics 2981553 Aerodynamics
Selected Topics in Aerodynamics 2981563 Aerodynamics
Numerical Grid Generation 2981623 Aerodynamics
Computational Fluid Dynamics (II) 2981633 Aerodynamics
Aerodynamics of Helicopter 2981643 Aerodynamics
MULTIPHASE FLOW 2981663 Aerodynamics
Advanced Fuel & Combustion (II) 2981683  Propulsion
Special Topics (I) 2981693 Aerodynamics
Special Topics Damage Analysis of Composite Materials 2981703 Aerodynamics
Radiation Heat Transfer 2981713 Aerodynamics
Turbulence Modeling 2981723 Aerodynamics
Large Eddy Simulation 2981733 Aerodynamics
Parallel Processing 2981743 Aerodynamics
Theory of Transonic Flow 2981753 Aerodynamics
Unsteady Aerodynamics 2981763 Aerodynamics
Project 2981900 Aerodynamics
Seminar 2981902 Aerodynamics
(Special Topics (Wind Turbine Aerodynamics 2981933 Aerodynamics
Multiphase Flow 2981943 Aerodynamics
Advanced Principles of Propulsion 2982113 Propulsion
Aerodynamic Design of Turbomachines 2982123 Propulsion
Advanced Fuel & Combustion (I) 2982133 Propulsion
Intake Aerodynamics 2982143 Propulsion
Aerothermodynamics of Rocket Engines 2982153 Propulsion
Supersonic Aerodynamics 2982513 Propulsion
Numerical Methods in Turbo Machines 2982523 Propulsion
Advanced Internal Combustion Engines 2982553 Propulsion
(Special Topics (Compressor Instability 2982563 Propulsion
Seminar 2982902 Propulsion
Advanced Flight Mechanics 2983113 Flight Mechanics
Guidance & Navigation (I) 2983123 Flight Mechanics
Flight Parameters Estimation & Measurement 2983133 Flight Mechanics
Optimal Control Theory 2983143 Flight Mechanics
Flight Simulation 2983523 Flight Mechanics
Guidance & Navigation (II) 2983533 Flight Mechanics
Management for Aerospace Technology 2983543 Flight Mechanics
Flight Dynamics & Control of Spacecraft 2983563 Flight Mechanics
Stochastic Control 2983573 Flight Mechanics
AVIONICS 2983583 Flight Mechanics
ADAPTIVE CONTROL SYSTEMS 2983593 Flight Mechanics
Multivariable Control Systems 2983603 Flight Mechanics
Missile Flight Dynamics 2983633 Flight Mechanics
Space Launch Vehicle System Engineering 2983643 Flight Mechanics
Satellite System Engineering 2983653 Flight Mechanics
Aerospace Dynamic Systems Modeling 2983663 Flight Mechanics
Seminar 2983902 Flight Mechanics
Dynamics of Structure 2984113 Aerial Structures
Advanced Aerospace Structural Analysis 2984123 Aerial Structures
Finite Elements Method 2984133 Aerial Structures
Aeroelasticity 2984163 Aerial Structures
Creep, Fatigue & Fracture Mechanics 2984523 Aerial Structures
Mechanics of Composite Materials 2984533 Aerial Structures
Aerospace Structural Stability 2984553 Aerial Structures
Advanced Vibration 2984573 Aerial Structures
Random Vibration 2984593 Aerial Structures
Modal Test & Analysis 2984603 Aerial Structures
Optimization Methods 2984613 Aerial Structures
(Special Topics (Damage Analysis of Composite Materials 2984623 Aerial Structures
Nonlinear Vibration 2984633 Aerial Structures
Seminar 2984902 Aerial Structures
Advanced Aircraft Design 2986103 Flight Mechanics
Modern Algorithms in optimization 2986113 Flight Mechanics
(Special Topics (Cooperative Control in Aerospace Systems 2986123 Flight Mechanics
Satellite Thermal Control 2987103 Space Engineering
Space Structures & Materials 2987113 Space Engineering
Flight Dynamics and Space Launch Control 2987123 Space Engineering
Principals of Spacecraft Load and Design 2987133 Space Engineering
Satellite Communication 2988113 Satellite technology
Fundamentals of Attitude Control & Orbit Dynamics 2988123 Satellite technology
Principle of Propulsion System Design & Micro-Thrusters 2988133 Satellite technology
Advanced Orbital Mechanics 2988143 Satellite technology
Principles of Design & Analysis of Antennas for Ground Station & Satellite 2988153 Satellite technology
Design and Analysis of Satellite Thermal Control System 2988163 Satellite technology
Principles of satellite Structur Design and Analysis 2988173 Satellite technology
Principles of satellite Quality Assurance and Reliability 2988183 Satellite technology
( Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC 2988193 Satellite technology
Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) of Satellite 2988203 Satellite technology
Advanced Mathematics (I) 2989113 e-learning
Supersonic Aerodynamics 2989123 e-learning
Mechanincs of Composite Materials 2989133 e-learning
Advanced Numerical Methods 2989143 e-learning
Advanced Principles of Propulsion 2989153 e-learning
Guidance & Navigation (I) 2989163 e-learning
Advanced Flight Mechanics 2989173 e-learning
Air Worthiness Regulations 2989183 e-learning
Aviation Technology Management 2989193 e-learning
Fuel & Combustion 2989203 e-learning
Subsonic Aerodynamics 2989213 e-learning
Research Project 2989223 e-learning
Finite Element Method (I) 2989233 e-learning
Seminar 2989902 e-learning
Dissertation 2990900 Aerodynamics
Missile Aerodynamics 2991103 Aerodynamics
Space Launch Vehicle System Engineering 2991113 aerospace engineer

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