Department Overview

 | Post date: 2019/11/18 | 
Department Overview
Aerospace Engineering is a strategic field of study and an indicator of progress in all countries of the world. The Aerospace Engineering field has experienced a rapid growth after the Islamic Revolution, and the Aerospace Engineering Department at Amirkabir University of Technology has been a major contributor to this growth with educating the requisite specialists in this field. Having direct contact with the industry has not only provided this department with the essential input for estimating the required human resources, but has also formed a foundation for applied research to support industry’s needs.
The Aerospace Engineering graduates are provided with the required knowledge in the fields of Aerodynamics, Flight Mechanics, Propulsion, and Structures. In addition, they gain the ability to design and construct flying vehicles such as airplanes, helicopters and multi-rotor systems. Besides the latter abilities, the aerospace engineers graduating from this department, are capacitated to work on cars’ aerodynamics, land based and offshore structures, as well as turbo-machines.
Operations research division, educational institutions, transportation management organizations, power-plant operators, petroleum and automobile industries are among the beneficiaries of the expertise gained by the graduates of this Aerospace Engineering Department. In this regard, the automobile industry has benefited the most from theoretical and experimental aerodynamics knowledge in the recent years resulting to great innovative designs. Providing a high-quality education and exploring the employment opportunities for its graduates, are the goals of this department.

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